Real Housewives New Drinking Game

As more information comes out about the harassment of Brandi Glanville, Kristen Johnston and other celebrities, Vinnie Spina and Brandon King have actually stepped up their harassment campaign rather than shut up and lay low.

With only 100 days left in court discovery before the New Jersey Lawyers Trust lawsuit against Vinnie Spina begins, you’d think she would stay off social media but she’s waging yet another campaign trying to discredit anyone who mentions her name. With her are her usual cadre of goons including Brandon King, her paid thug, who does whatever she tells him to do.

As long as Spina and King are still active on social media, my very dear friend, Donatella, and I have started a new drinking game with our new favorite drink, Mangoritas. Of course, Donatella would be guzzling the booze down anyway, but the game makes it way more fun before she passes out and falls into the pool.

The way it works is we have Carlito, the pool boy, watch Vinnie and Brandon’s timelines. Every time Vinnie posts the words “McNoNuts” or “McNumNuts” or variations on that theme Carlito makes us a new Mangorita.

If it’s Brandon’s timeline, Carlito gives us Tequila shots whenever he calls someone a pedophile or a pedo.  This alone will give you a buzz pretty quickly.

But if you want to live dangerously, do another shot every time Brandon tweets “stalking my minor child”. That always keeps Carlito busy pouring shots!

It’s a wonderful game! And it gives your pool boy something fun to do besides applying suntan lotion on your back and dragging Donatella out of the pool!

2 thoughts on “Real Housewives New Drinking Game

  1. Vinnie Leonelli-Spina is being sued by the New Jersey Lawyers Trust to recoup money they paid out to clients who filed claims saying she's misappropriated funds from escrow accounts she was in charge of. The courts gave the Lawyers Trust 300 days of Discovery to build their case against Vinnie. The 300 days ends on July 19th. The case is supposed to go to trial jury after that.

  2. What lawsuit against Vinnie???Did you post about it? Please answer me. I have some information that can help.

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