Happy Birthday Brandon!

Happy Belated Birthday I should say. I feel so bad that I missed Brandon’s birthday on February 2nd. I guess it was quite the celebration! 

To celebrate his 46th birthday, Brandon filed harassment charges on Bullyville and me! Doesn’t that sound like it was fun!

I asked the nice police officers in New Braunfels for a copy of the complaint. I couldn’t get all of it because there is still an ongoing investigation but I have to say I was a bit disappointed that they did not send me a piece of birthday cake. I was expecting cake and I was also bummed to see that my complaint number was the same as Bullyville’s. 

After being so excited to have a police report it was kind of a let down to see I had to share it with somebody else. And no cake.

But still, it was nice to see that Brandon has moved out of his mom’s house and I was very happy to be part of his birthday festivities.

Maybe next year I will get cake.