Joanna Krupa Hooks Up With Glanville Stalker

Another development in #TrollLeaks and #SpinaGate.

Recently we reported that Joanna Krupa’s website disappeared in response to Bullyville breaking the news about convicted felon, Brandon King, being hired by Krupa and LeAnne Rimes for “cyber security” which allegedly involved the harassment of Brandi Glanville.  

Though he’s made the registrations private, King was the owner of Krupa’s domains,, and, and he built her website. When the media got hold of the story he took the Krupa site down since it had his web design business, 5webz,  listed in the credits.

Despite Brandon trying to disappear online, Ms 
Krupa recently followed one of Brandon’s Twitter accounts called B King @Error__4_0_4.

The account is locked. Brandon has become shy.

This is the account contacted by his Cyber Security partner, Vinnie Spina for her blog. Vinnie forgot that he wouldn’t be able to see her tweet unless she was following him. Brandon claims he doesn’t know Vinnie but her blog is registered in his name.

Of course we are very curious as to why Ms Krupa has started to follow Brandon. Is she trying to get him to put her website back up or turn it over to her?  

Or is she trying to get their stories straight?

Tick Tock