Miley Apologizes To CityOf Flint; 2016

I ran across this in my files, it’s probably from 2016. 

Once again, Miley admits to bad behavior and forging tweets but uses her imaginary friend, Sweet Pea to blame it on her other imaginary friend, Carl, and Real Housewives stalker, Vinnie Spina.

Also true to form Sweet Pea asks that Miley not be held to blame. It’s nice that Miley has imaginary friends to stick up for her but then, these same imaginary friends cause problems for other people. Perhaps Miley needs to make some new imaginary friends?

The screen capture is hard to read so I typed it out below.

I am very sorry about the screenshots against you. I didn’t photoshop them or anything. I didn’t create them. I got them from my friend Carl. I had no reason not to believe him. He gave me two links to tweets along with them. I saw nothing. I just assumed you deleted the tweets. I was angry and upset. I created a few blogs on a friend’s Star Trek and gaming forum. I posted some picture of it on Twitter. I should have come to you first and talked to you before I just completely assumed. I know things looked pretty bad and all, but still I should have come to you. I erased the blogs. I wiped my timeline last month. I figured it was best. I said many bad things about you out of anger and malice. I’m really sorry for all the trouble it has caused. I recently found out that the screenshot was a tweet created by this Vinnie Spina psycho to try and get my friend Carl, who is @citizen_z541 to help her with her psycho bullshit. He hadn’t lied to me before so I just believed him. Now I wish I would have at least talked to you and gotten your side. If I had then I would have thought to ask Carl a few more questions.

Please don’t blame Miley or any of our other friends. The way I told Miley about the tweet, she got the impression that I saw it myself. I should have been clear. Others I know like (couldn’t make out the name) and her sister Angelica took me at my word. Even though Carl and Vinnie were behind it. I am still responsible for passing it off as the total truth. From now on I will try to be more careful. I only hope one day you can forgive me.