Real Housewives Harasser Linked To FauxRealityEntertainment Blog

Here’s a screen capture of a post on the FauxRealityEntertainment blog from Halloween of 2014. It shows there was a relationship between Faux Reality aka “Antonella Mollica” aka Vinnie Spina, and Cyber Security Inc, the business started by Vinnie Spina and Brandon King that offered online harassment as one of their services. 

Spina and King harassed Brandi Glanville, Kristen Johnston, as well as all the Real Housewives of New Jersey (except for Teresa Giudice).

Note to Vinnie: Just to save you the effort of filing another false DMCA claim using an alias, the screen capture below is a small portion of the article from FauxRealityEntertainment. Use without your permission is permissible as Fair Use under copyright laws “to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work.” This also applies to the use of face pictures in the meme above, which is a parody. 

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