Siggy Flicker Linked To Brandi Glanville Harasser

This cannot end well for Siggy. 

Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast member, Siggy Flicker, is being represented in some fashion by A Diamond PR, a public relations business created by disbarred lawyer and blogger, Vinnie Spina. It also looks like Vinnie is running @SiggyFlicker on Twitter. This is not good.

This is the same Vinnie Spina who was outed by Bullyville, as working with hacker and convicted felon, Brandon King, to harass Brandi Glanville. 

Vinnie Spina, working in her husband’s law firm under the alias Toni Mollica, created Cyber Security Consulting with King to harass Ms. Glanville, Kristen Johnston and other celebrities while under contract to the Spina Law Firm, which is owned by her husband.

Vinnie Spina currently owes nearly a million dollars to a retired police officer after misappropriating his pension fund and is currently facing a trial to begin this summer over another $339,000 she ripped off from former clients.

So Siggy Flicker has to be out of her mind to risk her finances, not to mention her reputation, by involving herself with the Spinas. As if this is not insane enough, it appears Siggy is also linked to paid harasser Brandon King, as well.

The domain was registered to Brandon King in February of this year. The site redirects to Flicker’s official website,

Miss Flicker is now in a bad position. She risks getting negative publicity by her association with Vinnie Spina and Brandon King. But then, if Siggy discontinues this association she opens herself up to retaliation and vindictive attacks from Spina and King.

Hopefully somebody will warn Siggy to tread carefully, she’s writing her own nightmare. 

2 thoughts on “Siggy Flicker Linked To Brandi Glanville Harasser

  1. The question remains whether Siggy Flicker knows about this other website and if she actually hired King to do this. And the question remains whether she actually hired A Diamond PR to represent her. It's possible that Spina and King are doing this on their own without Siggy's knowledge or consent.

  2. Why do celebs who hire \”graphic designers\” allow them to put their domain in their name?Like Siggy-Flicker?Remember when Kim Zolciak from Atlanta Housewives got in a money dispute with her assistant and he had her domain in his name? Remember how ugly that was? He eventually wrote a book, \”Do You Know Who I Am\” I know celebrities can be nightmares to work with, but at the same time, where is common sense?

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