Real Housewives Blogger Faux Reality Now Runs Public Relations Biz UPDATED Oct 28

UPDATE: Oct 28th.
This blog article was posted on April 27th. The next morning, Vinnie Spina filed harassment charges against me. Not because of the blog post, because it’s 1st amendment protected, but for a photo shopped picture I posted on social media weeks ago and an email I sent out to people in her community on December 1st of 2016. That email was posted on Irontroll in the article Something’s Fishy In Fort Lee here

UPDATE: May 11. More verification on the Faux Reality Amazon account getting a name change to A Diamond PR.

On January 31st, 2013, on the website of author SE Jakes is a post featuring a review written by Faux Reality on Bound For Keeps. (link to that review on Jakes’s site is here)

That review can also be found on the Amazon page for the book. The account is now ADPR, which is short for A Diamond PR. You’ll find it here.

Oddly enough, SE Jakes writes for Gay readers and Bound For Keeps is not only a male on male love story, it’s a Gay Ménage à Trois romance novel. Male on Male on Male.

Vinnie gave it 5 stars though. She liked the steamy sex scenes.
Vinnie outed herself as the owner of A Diamond PR in a press release for one of her clients, Dolores Catania. “vls” is Vincenza Leonelli-Spina and the phone number given (which I’ve redacted) is the same as the phone number she used when she was sued by former police officer, James Albro, after she “misappropriated” his pension fund.
I redacted the phone number but A Diamond Public Relations and Vinnie Spina have the same phone number.
As part of the terms of her disbarment, the court garnished any bank account in Vinnie Spina’s name in order to pay back her clients. It appears that somehow Vinnie is running a public relations business with Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker as clients but not using checking accounts in her name.

And Vinnie’s into reading man on man sex scenes. Who knew?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end up update~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Below is a segment of a post from a WordPress blog called Faux Problems. The blog is now empty but the post was originally published November 29th in 2014 and a copy can be found on

The blog post shows a screen capture of two book reviews written by “Faux” on the Amazon account for Faux Reality Entertainment. Down at the bottom of the blog post, the author put a link to Faux’s Amazon account page so readers could verify the screen captures were real.

I’ve copied that link again right below. If you click it, it will take you away from IronTroll to Amazon and the Amazon account page as it is now.

Link to Faux Reality’s current Amazon page is here 

The account isn’t called Faux Reality Entertainment anymore, it’s now ADPR which is short for “A Diamond PR”, Vinnie’s new public relations company.

If that doesn’t convince you, there’s a link to A Diamond PR’s website on her Amazon page. Clicking on that link opens up her website where she blatantly lies about the services she offers.
Anyway, the review of Willing Victim written by Faux is below

Though she’s deleted her reviews since she found out I’d seen them, the Willing Victim review can still be seen with ADPR as the reviewer. You can still see her review on the book’s page though. Right here, It should be the last review.

It’s already been verified that Vinnie is running A Diamond PR, this is one more bit of proof showing that she also was behind the Faux Reality Entertainment blog.

 The archived copy of FauxProblems.wordpress is here

(Who is S.E. Jakes? We will soon find out)
Or this one? You sure do seem to love your erotica!

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  1. You should have actually read the article…the part where I said the book reviews were on Faux Problems website. The other book reviews are from SE Jake's website and Amazon so I don't really see what point you're trying to make. And of course I wasn't the first person to out Faux. In the article above I showed Faux's Amazon account is now A Diamond PR, which is Vinnie's new business. Amazon accounts are created with financial information like bank and credit cards so the current A Diamond Pr account is using the same financial information as the old Faux Reality Amazon account.The morning after the article abofe was posted, Vinnie filed felony harassment charges against me in the state of New Jersey.

  2. you didn't out Faux. Queenz of Media outed her. And these book reviews were on Faux Problems website

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