Brandi Glanville Harasser Files Harassment Charges?

Yes! Vinnie Spina, the other half of the Brandi Glanville harassment duo, has filed felony harassment charges against me, Zile! Yes really! 

Or maybe not.  Maybe it was Antonella Mollica who filed charges. Or maybe they are Faux Charges. Sometimes the Faux Reality from Vinnie and Brandon is hard for me to keep straight.

Vinnie Spina, who was caught being a bit truth challenged several times by the judge during her disbarment hearing, isn’t exactly the most credible person in New Jersey. And Antonella Mollica, a paralegal at the Spina Law Firm, doesn’t exist. And news of the felony charges came to me via Brandon King, the other part of the Brandi Glanville harassment duo, so who knows what’s true. 

Now Brandon already filed a harassment complaint against me on his birthday in February but he lives in Texas. And though I’ve been waiting to be arrested by the Texas Rangers so far no handcuffs have appeared. But I’m really starting to get the idea that Brandon and Vinnie don’t like me. Sometimes I even get the idea that Vinnie and Brandon and the Spina Law Firm are trying to shut me up!

I’ve tried explaining to Brandon and Vinnie that the courts already decided that bloggers do have first amendment rights like other people (here’s a nice article about that) but Brandon never listens to anybody and Vinnie…well, she wasn’t that good a lawyer before the disbarment.

I have long been famous for my memes but Vinnie is very mad about those. A picture is worth a thousand words but I think a meme is worth more than a million. I use memes as part of my free speech and the header photos of each blog post usually has a significant meaning related to the blog post topic. Sometimes the meme says more than I do in the post! 

But Vinnie and Brandon don’t like my photoshopping so it looks like if the Texas Rangers don’t get me first, I will be extradited to New Jersey and put to death and buried in Vinnie’s backyard next to Jimmy Hoffa.