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Being Brandon

It was sad to hear that a friend of Mike Arpey passed away after an accident this weekend. It was also sad to hear Brandon’s comments about the accident on Twitter. As for being self-actualized, Brandon is the epitome of living one’s best life. As a paid troll he lives a rewarding and worthwhile life trying to convince Twitter that

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One Small Step For Chelsea Manning, One Giant Leap For Transwomen #ChelseaIsFree

Chelsea is Free. Chelsea Manning was imprisoned 7 years ago after being court-martialed by the military and convicted of 20 offenses, including six Espionage Act violations, five theft counts and a computer fraud charge. The combined maximum prison time for these crimes could have been 136 years but she was sentenced to 35. Chelsea was then held in a male

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Haters Are Just Alternative Fans!

Neal cracks me up. Whenever he thinks he smells blood Neal comes out of hiding and claims to have superior intel about current events and oft times has brought it about through his devious planning and artful machinations. Then things fizzle or backfire, Neal deletes his timeline, locks his blog and disappears. That’s happened so many times. Kimberlin, the Protectors,

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Donald Trump Defended Russia After Intelligence Briefing; Jan 6, 2017

Watching calm and cool Sally Yates burn Ted Cruz was an immensely satisfying experience but it was testimony by former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, that made me go “hmmmm” and scratch my head. According to Clapper, Trump was briefed on Putin’s campaign to influence the 2016 election on January 6th of 2017. But Trump’s tweets of January 6th

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