Haters Are Just Alternative Fans!

Neal cracks me up. Whenever he thinks he smells blood Neal comes out of hiding and claims to have superior intel about current events and oft times has brought it about through his devious planning and artful machinations.

Then things fizzle or backfire, Neal deletes his timeline, locks his blog and disappears.

That’s happened so many times. Kimberlin, the Protectors, StopRush, Weinergate, Nadio Naffe, Breitbart and more, Fizzle fizzle, boom.

But I am so very flattered that Neal has taken time out of his busy schedule to write about me. He’s very astute in his assesment of me except I’m not unstable, I have the same identity I was born with so yeah, it’s long term. Yes, I have a lot of style but am not in conflict.

Also, I have no criminal record, substantial or otherwise and I have never done time. Nobody induces me to do anything. Blogging is not a “thing”, it is blogging; and I am fully aware of the First Amendment.

And no, I don’t have a handler. I have no mental illness or personality disorder. I am not easily manipulated, and while “Systemic vulnerability” sounds very serious, it’s a term applied to politics not to human beings. 

Other than providing an incorrect address and bad advice to someone else, you’re not involved in current events at all Neal, but I thank you for being among my Alternative Fans. 

But I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t mention how very pretty I am.

Zile is an unstable individual who maintains a stable, long term identity.  Recycling is admirable, but not when crossing lines, as Zile has done so often. Zile has a style and it’s not just the Versace.

That style has been consistent for at least the last four years, and that’s about sixteen times too long for any persona in conflict. The troll doll, the blue hair, how it dresses, the writing style, the photoshop skills, it’s as distinct as a retina scan.