JoJo Camp Sentenced To Three Years

JoJo Camp is now officially no longer the Internet Gangsta and back to being an American Hostage. On Monday, JoJo was sentenced to 3 years in prison by a Colorado court for assaulting a mime. Yeah, a mime. Really.

JoJo was arrested in August of 2016 on multiple charges chief among them was second degree assault after attempting to strangle his client, a professional mime and also the charge of public stalking.

JoJo received legal advice from entertainment lawyer, Sue Basko, which resulted in his being kept in jail with bail set at $150,000 until his trial was over. He spent much of his time in jail writing bizarre motions for dismissal or special protection because of numerous conspiracies to murder him.

Despite all the conspiracies, on Monday, May 22nd, JoJo was found guilty of assault and stalking. He was given a sentence of 3 years with a scheduled release date in 2019 which reflects credit for time already served. JoJo is currently being held in “jail backlog” until he can be processed into the Colorado Department of Corrections, which probably happened today. He’ll be eligible for parole at the end of this year but with JoJo’s history of acting out, not to mention the multiple restraining orders in place against him, that’s unlikely.

Because Mime Lives Matter