Kremlin Trolls, Social Security Numbers And Neals Big Mouth

This article by Neal was posted on his LinkedIn account in November of 2015. It’s a classic example of Rauhauser Bullshit where Neal takes two or more separate and unrelated topics and weaves them together and then makes this conflation about himself. Here he alludes that I’m a Kremlin troll.

One part to pay attention to is the underlined sentence where he says he has my social security number. 

LinkedIn is probably not the best place to claim you have someone’s social security number, particularly if you post on your blog that you gave it to someone. And particularly if that Social Security number subsequently gets posted publicly online. 

Like Donald Trump, Neal has a big mouth and loves to boast and this often gets him in trouble.

As per usual, Neal deleted all his posts on LinkedIn but he recently posted a new one on May 13th. Coincidentally the same day my social security number was posted online.

The ViaViewFiles website Neal mentions is NOT in the least bit related to “civil issues”. The site is dedicated to smearing people, posting personal information and death threats. It was created by convicted sex offender and serial stalker, Tom Retzlaff, who is best known for taking nude pictures of his own daughter and then posting them online. Neal is one of the admins for the website and makes comments on the site practically every day.

The “faux-grassroots group” Neal refers to is Unite Blue. It’s an actual grass roots group for those on the left. Unite Blue was not posing back in 2013 and it still isn’t in 2017. 

Yes, I contacted the Terrorism Research And Analysis Consortium (TRAC) about Rauhauser. I thought it was pretty insane that they had someone writing about terrorism who was not only implicated in the SWATtings of 2012 but actually bragged about it. Maybe it’s just me but it seemed like common sense that a website devoted to tracking terrorism shouldn’t have a domestic terrorist as a member. 

I’m not complaining that my social security number was posted online, I’m just thankful I wasn’t SWATted.

But Neal, Loose Lips Sink Ships…