Those Days When You Need A Nap

Brandon had another meltdown on Twitter today. I wish people could understand that even though Brandon describes himself as “a convicted felon with extensive drug ties, ex hacker AND covered in tattoos, he is very sensitive and gets upset easily.

For what it’s worth though, Brandon did file a complaint against James McGibney and myself. That was 3 months ago. Then the news broke about Brandon being paid to dox people so I guess that makes it hard for the cops to take his complaint seriously.

But Brandon says false charges were filed against him and that he was SWATted twice! I guess there would be police reports on that? 

And rape threats? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to rape Brandon. He’s not in prison anymore so nobody’s that desperate. 

I think Brandon is exaggerating a little and maybe stretching the truth a bit to make his rant more dramatic. And longer.

It’s true that a complaint was filed against me in New Jersey though. On Tuesday, June 6th, there will be a hearing to determine whether the charges will be dropped or if the matter will be sent to municipal court or to superior court.

I think Brandon should have checked before he put up all those tweets. One of the allegations against me is that I threatened to put up Wanted posters in New Jersey but now Brandon is saying someone else is guilty of that.  


Anyway, Brandon either needs to start taking naps or he needs to get more tattoos.