The Best, But Worst Trump Parody Account Ever

Trump often uses his Twitter account to act out like a spoiled 6 year old after a candy binge, give himself accolades for dubious accomplishments, and to be a total douche bag to people he doesn’t like. So it was a bit of a side eye moment when Sean Spicer informed the world that Trump’s personal Twitter account should be considered official statements by the POTUS.

So naturally there is now a Twitter account that takes Trump’s tweets and embeds them so that they appear like official press releases.

It’s a brilliant idea but at the same time it makes his tweeting even more of a national embarrassment than it was before. Still, you might want to follow @RealPressSecBot, maybe get a few screen shots of his horrific tweets as mementos before impeachments proceedings begin and his lawyer takes his Android away. 

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