Gay Blogger Must Die!

I’ve been being very good and keeping my mouth shut so most of you probably don’t know that Vinnie Leonelli-Spina filed “cyber harassment” charges against me in New Jersey.

I really can’t discuss the case but no, the charges don’t mention anything I’ve written about her on irontroll. Nothing in the complaint about my posts on her misappropriation of client funds or the $978,000 she owes a retired police officer for misappropriating his pension. Nothing in the complaint about me saying she’s Faux Reality writing under the stolen identity of Antonella Mollica. Nothing about the current lawsuit against her by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust to recover $300,000 she owes them after they reimbursed clients she ripped off. 

Nope, what Vinnie filed a complaint on was a picture of her I created and an email I sent. Apparently the First Amendment has limits I wasn’t aware of.

Brandon King, as disclosed in a court transcript, is an employee of the Spina Law Firm. Brandon and I have had several discussions about my blogging. Brandon is not happy with me exercising my first amendment right to blog about him or his employers at the Spina Law firm and Brandon has exercised his First Amendment right to let me know this many times.

However, I don’t think Brandon and I have ever interacted without him mentioning my sexual orientation. Whether it’s blogging or renting an apartment, applying for a job, ordering a cake or getting married, I really don’t know why sexual orientation is relevant. 

Certainly it’s his first amendment right to mention that I’m gay but, since I already know, I haven’t figured out why he feels the need to mention it. Often. 

But then there are a lot of things about Brandon that don’t make sense.

The current state of the charges against me is that I pleaded Not Guilty and the matter is still in Pre Indictment Conference phase to determine if charges will be dropped, pursued in Municipal Court or in Superior Court. 

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Below are some of the homophobic comments Brandon made from his (now suspended) Gab account UnderpantGnome. I think it’s appropriate on Equality Day to post them and out Brandon as a paid troll who uses homophobic comments to earn his salary. I’ve marked the gay slurs in bold print.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome We’ve covered this, the only instrument you play is the skin flute, Steven (That’s a gay joke), you have no place to judge people who have actual skills. (No sucking off random men n your barely literate blog doesn’t count)

Come at me when you’ve actually accomplished something in life. xD

Zile Ohai · @Zile
If there’s any money left over we can get you some guitar lessons!

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

If it’s 2 years old, it’s not a surprise, you brain dead dildo, obviously. No wonder your dad disowned you, other than the cock sucker stuff.

We have a multiple current surprises in store for you, Steven Hattlestad the human roll-on deodorant lol, you are fucked but too stupid to know it.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome
Those “crimes” were paid for 20 years ago, faggot. It’s not your place to re-prosecute people, Steven just because you’re an asshole.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

Ha Ha Ha Ha, good thinking… that’s obviously what the court will be concerned with…


Are you really this stupid? The fabricated conspiracy of a criminal faggot in hiding and a bankrupt fool with judgements pending is the last thing that court cares about.

Zile Ohai · @Zile No I think Brandon will be called on to testify how he couldn’t find a job in Texas for 8 years but was hired by a law firm to do “security work”.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

Mmmkay, faggot, like all your other evidence… gfy

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

steven @zile doesn’t get paid for anything except sucking cock. He’s a homosexual cyberstalker who’s being investigated by LE in 3 states. He’s also delusional and thinks everyone is “Vinnie and Brandon.” Obsessed is an understatement. This guy is one sick puppy.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

If that makes you feel better, faggot, project away.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

You have over a thousand posts on gab about how you’re butthurt over the bad, bad people and a hate blog devoted to them, Steven. Who’s ranting, faggot?

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

No one has “harassed” reality stars except you and James Mcgibney. You n Mcgibney created that story and it went no where because your “proof” didn’t prove what you claimed it did. Their is no evidence because it never happened. Building websites is NOT “trolling”, you stupid faggot. Lolol

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome
Whatever helps you sleep at night, faggot. Lol xD

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

I’m not concerned with your sleeping, I’m only concerned with that one day you don’t wake up. We will celebrate. Aaser is not too far off huh you old faggots?

I don’t care which celebrity you’re stalking today, Steven, they don’t care, No one cares, you don’t matter lolol xD.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

The people you are stalking are NOT of public concern. You’re just a bored old faggot stalking and harassing people online. Your blog is one big fabrication, you aren’t “reporting” anything, you’re fabricating lies about private people in collusion with James Mcgibney.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

You’re crying about 20yr old weed convictions, still. Not everyone is a melodramatic faggot like you, Steven. That’s only a huge deal to you pathetic cowards because you want it to be. Most people can reason.

 Original UnderpantgnomeOriginal Underpantgnome · @Underpantgnome

The first person he thinks about every morning and the last person he thinks about every night as he’s drifting off.

His best e-friends are a gay stalker, a vile old man who’s obsessed with pedophilia n a guy who threatens to rape kids.

There may be some latent homosexual tendencies there.