Thomas Retzlaffs Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

Tom Retzlaff is having a bad month. First there was that insane and violent blog post by Retzlaff and Rauhauser at the Viaviewfiles blog that called for the death of people they don’t like (the list included me!). The post also called for the decapitation of James McGibney, his wife, and small children. They deleted the post but not before a lot of blowback occurred with the post reported to law enforcement and the FBI by several people.

Then the lawsuit between James McGibney (Bullyville) and Neal Rauhauser had its final argument yesterday. Tommy Retzlaff spent a lot of time working very hard to write an amicus brief that was many, many pages too long. It got thrown out. Retzlaff was once a party to the case years ago so he can’t file such a brief.

Then Bullyville and Retzlaff had an altercation at the courthouse yesterday. After years of threats from Rauhauser and Retzlaff, James McGibney saw Retzlaff at the courthouse and confronted Retzlaff. And by confronted I mean James got in his face. And just like most bullies, Tommy got scared and freaked out.

Contrary to the story Rauhauser and Retzlaff are spreading, Bullyville wasn’t arrested but Retzlaff and his lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell of the Hanzsen Laporte lawfirm, were detained for questioning.

And now today Tommy lost again. There was a lawsuit in California between Retzlaff and Bullyville which is long over. Retzlaff tried to get the case reviewed by a higher court. They denied his case today. The law suit is totally over and Tommy can’t do anything to resurrect it.

Sucks to be Retzlaff.

Not too great to be Rauhauser either.

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