No, IronTroll Was Not Hacked.

UPDATE: I knew Brandon would make up a story
If law enforcement had removed irontroll from the internet it would still be off the internet. And the First Amendment prevents LE from taking down any websites unless an actual crime has been committed. 

Irontroll was offline for about 24 hours. Considering Brandon King’s fascination with me, many concerned people contacted me to ask if irontroll had been hacked.

No. Irontroll was not hacked.

Brandon King is a troll not a hacker. What he and his cronies did was report irontroll for not having a current address on the domain registration. They did this back in May just to cause trouble. GoDaddy notified me by email with a link to click to verify my email. I verified my email and figured that was it. I didn’t bother to read the whole email. My bad.

The reason my domain registration wasn’t updated is because I don’t want to be SWATted or subjected to any other unpleasant event for being on Vinnie’s shit list or Neal Rauhauser and Tom Retzlaff’s death list. And believe me, retaliation and harassment from these people is pretty common if not an everyday occurrence. It’s what they do. Every. Single. Day.

Anyway, what I missed in the email was that I had 15 days to update my registration or GoDaddy would remove irontroll from public view. And that’s just what they did.

So I updated the registration Friday morning. The remaining time, most of the time actually, was spent waiting for GoDaddy to verify and make the blog active again. And then figuring out what GoDaddy had screwed up so that I could fix it.

So thanks for your concern. And we’re back!

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  1. What about domains by proxy? I think it's $10 a year to hide your personal info.

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