Making Wishes Come True

My very dear friend Neal wanted a Time cover like the fake one that Donald Trump has except Neal wanted the cover to show him as Iron Troll 2012. 

How could I, Zile of Iron Troll blog, possibly say no to the man who bragged about the SWATtings of 2012 on his LinkedIn account and to Cass Sunstein?

You’re very welcome, Neal!

But please don’t tell Vinnie about the cover above, she will think it’s revenge porn and add it to her felony harassment charges against me.

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8 thoughts on “Making Wishes Come True

  1. I meant, she is permitted to to file a complaint like everyone else\” not everything else. LOL. Sorry, the reply box is so small.

  2. Another thing, did a prosecutor actually look at your blog? It's freedom of speech. Plain and simple. She is permitted to file a complaint like everything else but the prosecuter has to look at the evidence. I don't see how she can just file charges and you're supposed to appear in NJ when you don't even live there.

  3. That is exactly why she transferred her home & car to her husband. This should be against the law. Thanks for the explanation. I remember when Vinnie was GregsLoseHole on twitter, her explanation for the name was something that Joe Giudice said to Greg. Don't know if you watch Nj Housewives. I vaguely remember the scene about Joe referencing Greg's \”hole\” and didn't think it was funny. But Vinnie would troll the hell out of people if they tweeted something mean to Teresa Giudice, such as, \”pay your bills\” then she attacked Grace \”Queenz of Media\” for years and one day grace came out and sprayed all of Vinnie's business. Twitter celebrated. Normally I wouldn't celebrate someone being doxed but this heffa deserved it. She liked to post people's personal business. I am glad Sidoni won his lawsuit. Did By chance the Spinas settle or file a response to the lawsuit? I would be so interested in seeing their response.

  4. -The Spinas lost the lawsuit with Sodini so I imagine they were ordered to pay what he was suing for.-As for Vinnie being a Notary Public, I believe it's run by the Dept of Treasury, they would not know, and obviously didn't check to see, if Vinnie was a disbarred lawyer. If she advertised her services as a notary then she would have been required to sign a statement saying “I am not an attorney licensed to practice law and may not give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matter or accept fees for legal advice”.-Vinnie doesn't advertise her notary services and didn't tell anyone she was disbarred.The Albro suit went on for many years and Vinnie misappropriated the money over the years and justified this to herself. The courts disagreed with her justifications.-The consequences to Vinnie was the judgment against her in her bankruptcy suit. The courts determined that declaring bankruptcy didn't wipe away her debt to Albro in his lawsuit against her. Transferring her assets kept them from being garnished but she still owed the $998,000 to Albro so that was the consequence. Which to my knowledge, she has still avoided paying.

  5. I can't see my comments. Do you have a recent comment widget you can put up?I don't know why I can't see them. I hope you reply and I hope I will be able to see them. ��

  6. so was Vinnie & Patrick ordered to pay their former business partner, Sodini?I don't understand how the State Of NJ could renew her Notary Seal with being a disbarred attorney. I also don't understand how Vinnie could think she would represent James Albro and he would surrender all the money to her? Why even bother suing?I also don't understand why NJ allows her to transfer her home, cars and all that other crap in to her husband's name with no consequence.

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