Million Trump March #TangoDown; June, 2017

June 30th was supposed to be the day for the Million Trump March. If you were thinking that maybe this strangely named event might have been for Gay Pride month where gays show support for Trump, you’d be very wrong. Though attendance would have been the same. The event was cancelled in April due to fraud and anyone who contributed to the Million Trump March GoFundMe account should have had their money refunded by now.

The Million Trump March was the brain child of 0hour1 whose real name is Fiore DiPietrantonio but who also goes by the name Brian Austin Durant. 0hour1 is the infamous nut job conservative Anonymous Wannabe who claimed to have taken down Lisa Bloom’s website, claimed to have participated in Wikileaks DNC emails, and claimed Julian Assange was murdered by Pamela Anderson. Yeah, he really did.

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Announcing a march for a million people two months before it’s supposed to happen was pretty naive. There are permits, police and porta potties that have to be arranged. It would have been a fiasco but if past behavior is any judge, it’s more likely 0Hour1 was mainly interested in the fund raising. 

The Million Trump March was cancelled after somebody busted 0Hour1 for having ANOTHER fundraiser. It’s possible the GoFundMe account was suspended for fraud which prompted the refunds.

Besides the cancellation of Million Trump March, Ohour1 was doxed which prompted him to leave Twitter forever and supposedly flee to Tennessee.

But 0Hour1 has recovered from his Million Trump March disappointment and is back on Twitter and has two crowdfunding efforts going. One at and another at patrion.

Listen to his little radio show. He’s even more goofy than I thought.

Listen to “#carriefisher Drug Head Extasy No Role Model” on Spreaker.

Other fund drives by 0hour to get himself some $$$$

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