10 Days Of Discovery Left

Yes! There are just 10 days of discovery left in the lawsuit against Vinnie Leonelli-Spina filed by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust!

When it started out Vinnie owed them over $300,000 to pay back what they reimbursed her former clients. During the last year of discovery they found an additional $16,000 in funds she misappropriated from her clients.

I’m so curious to see what the final tally will be. And what penalties might be imposed.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office continues their investigation into the mysterious and invisible paralegal Antonella Mollica.

3 thoughts on “10 Days Of Discovery Left

  1. From what I've seen, the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund has been checking in with the court every once in a while for a status check but the $16,000 is the only change I've noticed since the discovery began.

  2. Check out http://www.irontroll.com/2016/08/new-jersey-lawyers-fund-reimbursements.htmlYou can see there and via the link to the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund where Vinnie was put back on their disbursement list in 2016 for money they paid out 7 years after her disbarment! The $16,000 was for misappropriation of a personal injury settlement. If I remember right, during Vinnie's disbarment hearing there wasn't enough proof of misappropriation provided for some of the missing money so I guess they found some.That's all I know since the discovery is still going on.

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