Real Housewives Publicist Foiled In Felony LawFare

The publicist for Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania has been foiled in her attempt to silence the very famous, very pretty, and much beloved blogger, Zile Ohai. 

Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, owner of A Diamond Public Relations and owner of, filed a felony harassment complaint against Zile in May. Despite the MANY statements by Vinnie and her pet toad, Brandon King, that New Jersey would extradite Zile from Florida in order to stand trial for his horrendous crime of photoshopping and then no doubt face a firing squad, the New Jersey Superior Court instead bounced Vinnie’s case to Municipal Court. 

Muni Court? Yes, Muni court. The place you go for traffic tickets, littering, and if your dog barks too much.

There is still a strong possibility that charges will be dropped since Vinnie has a well established history of harassment and there’s a clear trail that she’s been going after me for the last year. Or I could be charged with some sort of misdemeanor…. mocking a moron or being mean to a bitch… something like that. 

In that case, I’ll be given a stern tongue lashing and ordered to pay a fine. Despite what Brandon the toad believes, New Jersey isn’t going to extradite over a misdemeanor. 

Sending Vinnie’s complaint to Muni court is probably the best thing for all concerned. In my case, I’m innocent and protected by the First Amendment. In Vinnie’s case, she’s going to be very busy keeping her ass out of jail for practicing law without a license and keeping Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania from finding out.

Sadly for Vinnie, being disbarred and then violating the terms of your disbarment by continuing to practice law is kind of a big deal in most states and not likely to be handled in Muni Court.