Real Housewives PR Manager Felony Charge Reduced

The status of Vinnie’s felony cyber harassment case against me has been kicked down to Municipal court and the charge greatly reduced. 

The next hearing is scheduled for July 26th with the charge against me now being “Petty Disorderly Person”. In New Jersey, a misdemeanor is called a Disorderly Person charge, a Petty Disorderly Person charge is below a misdemeanor. 

So much for those threats of extradition from Vinnie and her toad Brandon but I think Petty applies much more to Vinnie than to me.

Which reminds me that there are 5 days left in the Discovery phase in the lawsuit against Vinnie. This is the lawsuit where the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund is trying to get back over $300,000 they paid out to the clients Vinnie ripped off.

And the Prosecutor’s Office is still investigating Vinnie for violating her disbarment terms by continuing to practice law over the last 9 years.

Anyway, my plea is still Not Guilty since I’m not guilty. 

Vinnie filed her complaint after I published a post showing that Faux Reality and Vinnie Spina of A Diamond Public Relations are the same person. Vinnie filed the charges in retaliation for my blogging and to shut me up. She doesn’t want her clients, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania to know about her nasty blogging and doxing and harassing, but Vinnie didn’t quite cover all her tracks. 

See! She’s a very Petty Disorderly Person!

Vinnie has been on a campaign to shut me up for over a year. How’s that working out for you Vinnie?

I’m still wondering how someone can get away with filing a complaint in a city in which they don’t live. Hmmm, didn’t Dolores Catania’s daddy used to be chief of police in Paterson?

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  1. Hang in there kiddo. Vinnie should be more concerned with her legal issues than someone photo shopping her.

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