Toni or Vinnie? You Be The Judge

For years Faux Reality, the bad tempered blogger behind has claimed to be Antonella “Toni” Mollica.  Toni just happens to own a car exactly like Vinnie Spina, and has a boyfriend with a car just like Patrick Spina.

Coincidence? Right.

It’s a case of stolen identity. The terms of Vinnie’s disbarment back in 2008 forbid her to have anything to do with legal work or lawyers. Yet after her disbarment Vinnie decided to continue sharing office space with her husband so she used the name Antonella Mollica to avoid detection.

Which might have been deviously clever except she told people about it online. And there’s only one Antonella Mollica in the state of New Jersey. The real Antonella was contacted in 2013 and again in 2017, she had no clue about the faux reality blog or any of the crazy Real Housewives feuding on Twitter. 

While the real identity of Faux Reality has been known since Queenz of Media outed her years ago it’s now being discovered all over again but this time by the Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey who are currently investigating Vinnie. New Jersey frowns upon disbarred lawyers practicing law in their state.

If you’d like the chance to decide if Vinnie and Toni Mollica are two different people or the same person, listen to the video below.

And yes! Two days of Discovery left in the lawsuit filed against Vinnie by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust. Discovery actually ends tomorrow after which a jury trial date will be set.

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Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything right away, there’s no actual audio to hear for the first 45 seconds