Real Housewives Lawfare Hearing Postponed

The next court date in Vinnie Leonelli-Spina’s campaign to shut me up will be a status hearing since the charges against me have been reduced to petty disorderly conduct. Basically everything starts over for Municipal court. 

Once again my lawyer has pleaded Not Guilty on my behalf and once again we must wait for Vinnie’s Discovery. The status hearing was scheduled for July 26th but has been postponed until, most likely, sometime in August.

Meanwhile the lawsuit filed by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund against Vinnie will start up soon since Discovery ended today. So while I don’t have a court date this month, Vinnie probably will.

Also coming up this week is the deadline for response on the bar complaint that Brandon King (Vinnie’s employee) filed against Steve Harrelson, his lawyer during his failed custody battle. I wish I could be in that room when the bar committee have to consider the word of a convicted felon and former dead beat dad and drug dealer against that of a lawyer who passed the bar in 3 states and was a congressman for the state of Arkansas.

Meanwhile the Prosecutor’s Office continues its investigation into Vinnie Spina aka Toni Mollica practicing law after being disbarred.

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  1. First time reading your blog and i must say, it's really boring.You just whine on and on and on

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