Zile Moonlights In Massage Parlor!

Brandon is working overtime doxing and trolling for his employer, the Spina Law firm. Now he’s doxed me as running a naughty massage business.

In Brandon’s world, doxing doesn’t have to be accurate for him to post, it doesn’t even have to be the right person. The dox just has to be useful.

So as I stated yesterday, the next court hearing concerning Vinnie’s charges against me has been postponed. Brandon seems to think the reasons are other than what I stated.

Update for the Paid Doxer:

The postponement has nothing to do with me because I’m not required to be in New Jersey for the hearing. I’m not required to be there because it’s a petty misdemeanor and I don’t live in New Jersey. That’s why I have a lawyer representing me.

My lawyer has a conflict with the date so the hearing will be rescheduled. Since I’m entitled by law to have representation, the hearing will absolutely be rescheduled. Obviously Vinnie hasn’t heard about the scheduling conflict so she hasn’t been able to leak it to Brandon yet.

And did I mention it’s a petty misdemeanor? It’s not like I was busted for taking money from my clients or practicing law without a license. It’s a petty misdemeanor. For photoshopping and blogging.

The attempts to shut me up, shut me down, harass and intimidate myself and others who are critical of Brandon and Vinnie aren’t working very well but they are often amusing.

And yes, tomorrow is the deadline for attorney Steve Harrelson to file his response to Brandon’s bar complaint. All I really think Harrelson needs to do is show the bar committee a timeline of dates when information was released about Vinnie and Brandon and Real Housewives and dates when Vinnie and/or Brandon filed complaints. There’s an obvious reactive pattern of retaliation at work.

Do you smell the stink of desperation yet?