Real Housewives Publicist Is In Deep DooDoo


The owner of A Diamond Public Relations, which seems to have Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania as clients, has totally blown off participating in the lawsuit against her filed by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund a year ago.

Vinnie Leonelli-Spina is being sued by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust to recover $300,000 in claims they paid out to clients that Vinnie ripped off.  It was Vinnie’s tendency to spend her client’s trust funds and escrow accounts that led to her being disbarred in 2008. Since being disbarred, many of you have come to know and hate her as the blogger behind the Faux Reality Entertainment blog.

For almost a year now, the lawsuit against Vinnie has been in Discovery phase which finally ended on July 19th. We’ve been counting down the days but it turns out that Vinnie was ignoring the lawsuit all along. She ignored interrogatory requests from the Lawyer’s Fund which has prompted them to file a motion this week. 

Essentially the lawyer for the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund has requested a hearing on August 4th where it will be too late for Vinnie, any answers or defense that Vinnie might have used in response to the questions she didn’t answer will be ignored and thrown out. And it looks like they’ve also requested the suit to be ended with a judgment against Vinnie. I believe the amount she was being sued for was $339,000…

All that time she spent putting screen caps together so she could file her harassment charge against me would have been better spent working on her own case.

And yes, she’s still being investigated by the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

More news coming on this tomorrow!