Trial For Real Housewives Publicist Begins Friday

After a year of discovery the civil trial against Vinnie Leonelli-Spina begins this Friday at 9 in the morning.  

Leonelli-Spina is the owner of A Diamond Public Relations which apparently represents Real Housewives Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker. Leonelli-Spina is also the infamous Faux Reality, the blogger behind Faux Reality Entertainment blog. 

The plaintiffs suing Vinnie are the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust who will be represented by Michael McCormick. McCormick has filed a motion already to strike any answers and suppress any defense offered by Leonelli-Spina since she failed to fully participate during the discovery process by not answering questions or supplying requested documents.

Under normal circumstances a motion like this would be considered pretty harsh but Vinnie is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for not abiding by the terms of her disbarment in 2008. 

After being disbarred, Vinnie continued to practice law under the stolen identity of Antonella “Toni” Mollica. In fact, she was the “attorney” listening in on the phone calls that her employee Brandon King had with his attorney, Steve Harrelson during his custody suit. This, of course, was a violation of the attorney/client privilege on Brandon and Vinnie’s part but that’s a whole ‘nother ethics matter.

The trial could actually end on Friday since McCormick has asked the judge for a summary judgment. That could prove expensive for Vinnie.

One thought on “Trial For Real Housewives Publicist Begins Friday

  1. If James Albro could not collect and the courts did nothing when she transferred her house to her husband for $1, how can the client protection fund collect??Why in the hell didn't Patrick get in trouble for pocketing that $65,000 in the Mazella case, another case she was disbarred for?You know, most lawyers in their lifetime don't get reported to the bar, Vinnie had 5 cases! Five!!!!!!!Victims by last name,Fekete, Mazarella (disbarred over), Meli, Recanti, Albro (disbarred over)

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