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The Real Housewive’s Publicist And The Revenge Pornographer

Infamous revenge pornographer, Hunter Moore, was quietly released from prison a few months ago and relocated to a government sponsored half way house. For the past couple months, Moore has been getting reacclimated to the real world while working on music and writing a book. It’s because of Hunter Moore that Revenge Porn became a thing back in 2010. Moore

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More Trump Twitter Bots UPDATED March 5, 2019

UPDATE: I just checked all of the accounts listed. All are suspended except for two. The @turat215 account shut itself down. The @huskins_clyde still exists but hasn’t tweeted since 2017. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After Trump retweeted Nicole Mincey @protrump45, it didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to discover it was a fake account. A bot, and just one of many created to promote

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Daily Stormer Pranks Amy Siskind; August, 2017

Update: Punished Stormer has been kicked off GoDaddy again and has gone back to the Dark Web where it belongs. They are blaming the banishment on “Jews and Pedophiles”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My, my my… Not only has Punished Stormer weathered the DDoSing, it now has a cloud server protecting it from DDoS attacks. And so far GoDaddy hasn’t kicked their new domain

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