I Smell Bacon! Lawsuit Against Real Housewives Publicist Continues

Is that bacon I smell?

Yesterday (Friday) was another hearing for defendant Vinnie Leonelli-Spina aka Toni Mollica aka Faux Reality in the lawsuit against her filed by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund. 

The last episode in this drama we found out Vinnie had not been cooperating in the discovery process which prompted opposing Attorney McCormick to file a motion asking the court to skip to the end and make a judgment in the case.

Trying to translate what I see in the docket, it looks like there’s a mediation taking place and an extention to Discovery which will end September 17th. There’s also a pending action for a PG Hearing. That’s a Plea of Guilt Hearing meaning Vinnie must show cause as to why she isn’t guilty.

Oh boy.

For Vinnie to show she isn’t guilty would take a major miracle. Or maybe an evening spent as Toni Mollica working at her husband’s law firm fabricating some new evidence to present to the court that shows Some Other Guy did it.

Meanwhile the Prosecutor’s office continues their investigation into Vinnie aka Toni and her shenanigans since her disbarment n 2008.

Yeah, that’s bacon I smell.