Brandon As Umad Gets Mad On GAB

A major qualification required of a paid troll on social media is being able to maintain composure even when your target responds in kind to your attacks. 

Letting one’s emotions get the better of one is very unprofessional troll behavior. Brandon’s anger management issues always defeat his trolling efforts. Then he resorts to ad hominem attacks to try and recover which is a sign of an amateur troll and typical behavior of a grade school child.

Brandon was suspended from Gab because he was bad at trolling. He then started trolling Andrew Torba, the passive agressive CEO of Gab, from the safety of Twitter. 

I’m sure they were sticking their tongues out at each other.

“Oh yeah? You’re a poopy head and your momma dresses you funny. And you’re stupid.”

Below are some of Brandon’s angry posts from Gab before he was suspended.