Millionaire Monk Sues Trump Campaign And Roger Stone

The publishing of the hacked DNC emails by Wikileaks was pretty much a non-event as far as damaging info, but the lawsuit that’s come out of the posting of those emails sounds more interesting and will probably be much more entertaining.

At issue is that Wikileaks didn’t bother to redact the emails before publishing them so the private information of some individuals ended up posted publicly on their site. 

As a result, Scott Comer, a DNC staffer who’s gay, was outed to the whole world. Though he was out to his mother and friends, he hadn’t come out to his religious grandparents yet. They found out via Wikileaks. 

Some contributors to the DNC had personal information, like their Social Security Number, show up on Wikileaks. This happened to Roy Cockrum. And here the story gets a bit truth-is-stranger-than-fictionish because Roy is a former monk who guessed the right numbers for the Tennessee Powerball and won $153 Million.  And of course, still being monklike, Roy used the bulk of his winnings to form a trust foundation where he gives the money away to worthy causes.

So Cockrum and Comer, along with another donor whose SSN was posted on Wikileaks, are holding the Trump Campaign and Roger Stone responsible. Thus the lawsuit.

If you remember, Roger claimed he had a conversation with Guccifer_2 on Twitter which had some people thinking he may have been involved with the hacking and posting of the emails. Though Stone later clarified that his conversation with Guccifer took place after the DNC emails had already leaked, his credibility has been called into question.

Yesterday I accepted service from an Obama controlled left wing front group called “Protect our Democracy”, who is suing the Trump campaign and myself, claiming that I violated the civil rights of three DNC donors who were identified by WikiLeaks. This is based on the false premise that I colluded with the Russians to hack the DNC email servers and deliver the material to Julian Assange.

The left knows that any time and energy I have to spend to defend this bogus lawsuit is focus I cannot put on defeating the Deep State Coup D’état now taking place with the Generals seizing control of the White House and Robert Muller as the designated Lord High Executioner.

Did you get that? The lawsuit is preventing Roger from defeating a Deep State Coup D’état at the White House. Gotta watch out for those Generals in the White House.

So Roger is holding a fund raising campaign to crowd source payment for his lawyer. Naturally he’s using a professional campaign fund raising business to do this for him so his time can be better spent Saving America From The Deep state.  

Roger Stone is a multimillionaire worth an estimated 20 million bucks but he’s cash poor. He has a lien on his home by the IRS because of over a million dollars he owes in back taxes. Compared to the rest of the Trump administration Roger is a pauper, so if you can spare some lunch money, please donate to poor, innocent, Roger the Victim.

And yeah, he’s really calling it “Who Framed Roger Stone”. 

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