Brandon And The KKK

Whatever face might be presented publicly, you don’t have to dig too deep to find the racist lurking behind the mask.

In the case of Charlottesville, Brandon takes the side of the Alt Right and Andrew Anglin and uses “alternative facts” to make his case for racism.

The first tweet is absolutely incorrect. GoDaddy does not consistently refuse to enforce DMCA complaints. They have a legal team and a reputation for their knee jerk response to suspend a website before and during the investigation of a copyright complaint. But GoDaddy also insists that DMCA requests are filed properly and are legally valid and binding. 

They also consider fair use doctrine and free speech. Brandon is taking cues from his boss and using character assassination to support his silly allegations.

Brandon never owned hundreds of domains, he owned around 20. He moved his domains from GoDaddy after two of them, hate sites, and were suspended because they violated GoDaddy TOS. Brandon posted revenge porn on the kjothesmartass site and personal information of a score of people on trolldox.

I’m not clear how KKK membership in the 1920’s is relevant to anything. There were hundreds of White Nationalists in Charlottesville along with the KKK and they dominated the news because of the violence which culminated in the murder of Heather Heyer. 

Heather Heyer’s murder is considered an act of terrorism, Brandon. That’s why the KKK, White Nationalists and the Alt Right are dominating the news. 

You’ve defended the disbarred lawyer for years, Brandon. It’s probably not going to help by defending Andrew Anglin and the KKK.