The Blood On Trumps Hands

Perhaps now America understands what MAGA really means. It wasn’t really about building a stronger economy or military. It wasn’t about more jobs and higher wages. It wasn’t about health care or reducing government interference. Making America Great Again was, and is, about maintaining and increasing White Supremacy by decreasing Non-Whites in America.

Trump’s populist appeal was based on fear, that the ever increasing population of Non-Whites and Non-Christians in America threatened the security and livelihood of White Christians. That was his appeal to the Alt Right and Trump used it to his advantage.

White Nationalism is an international movement or, more accurately, it is an international paranoia. This idea, that the good things in life are finite and being stolen by people with darker skin is ridiculous, but it’s just too easy to blame somebody else for our own disappointments and shortcomings in life.

Despite his boasts, Trump is not making America great again, but he is drawing out some of the worst elements of our country. They can be fixed, but not by Trump. He not only personifies the worst qualities of America, he personifies the worst qualities of a human being.

Heather Heyer wasn’t the first victim of MAGA, the meme in the header of this post was created months ago after a young man from India was murdered in a Kansas bar by a Trump supporter who thought he was a terrorist.

The deaths are the result of the fear and paranoia fostered by our not-so-great leader. Trump can blame and denounce and rant and tweet all he wants, but the majority of Americans see the blood on his hands.