Solar Eclipse Is An Omen Of Great Change

Zenobia, my very dear second cousin, twice removed on my mother’s side, is a very well known psychic and astrologer. She dropped by today to let me know that the solar eclipse on Monday is an omen of big changes to come.

I was so hoping she meant I’ll be getting a new pair of Louboutin knee high boots but Zenobia says it’s even bigger than that!

So I asked Zenobia what could possibly be bigger than Louboutin knee high boots and right then and there in the cabana by the pool she went into a trance and started speaking in a spooky voice. Poor Carlito, the pool boy, nearly peed his Speedos!

Anyway, I was on my 3rd mangotini and watching Carlito clean the pool so I’m not sure if I remember everything she said but Zenobia predicts the eclipse is a harbinger of the end of the Trump regime and the decline of the Nationalist Alt-Right movement.

This is the truth! Zenobia said this in her spooky voice so it is a 100% verified future prediction!

Louise Mensch will be so jealous that I’ve reported a 100% future prediction before she did!

The solar eclipse is on Monday, starting on the West Coast at 9 am and working its way across America until it leaves the East Coast at 4 pm.