The Real Housewive’s Publicist And The Revenge Pornographer

Infamous revenge pornographer, Hunter Moore, was quietly released from prison a few months ago and relocated to a government sponsored half way house. For the past couple months, Moore has been getting reacclimated to the real world while working on music and writing a book.

It’s because of Hunter Moore that Revenge Porn became a thing back in 2010. Moore launched a website called Is Anyone Up, where people could post nude and intimate photos of their exes without their knowledge or consent. At least that was what Moore claimed. As it turned out, around half the photos were stolen or photoshopped.

Moore was actually paying someone to hack email accounts of women to get nude photos which were then posted on Moore’s website. It was this hacking and identity theft, not revenge porn, which ultimately led to Moore being arrested and sentenced to prison for 2 1/2 years.

As for Hunter Moore’s website, it was James McGibney of Bullyville who got Is Anyone Up shut down in 2012 after convincing Moore to sell it to him. At the time, it appeared Moore felt some remorse for what he’d been doing and he wrote an open letter explaining his reasons for giving up his website:

I’ve become friends with the founder of BullyVille, CupidVille, CheaterVille and KarmaVille and he helped me realize that my talents in the programming and social networking world could be channeled in a positive way and we spoke about ways to move on, which is ultimately what I’ve decided to do. I might do some writing on to help people who have been bullied; I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I am putting this message up on to stand up for underage bullying. I think it’s important that everyone realizes the damage that online bullying can cause.

Moore’s change of heart didn’t last long though. Shortly after the closing of Is Anyone Up, he started harassing McGibney, which ended up in a lawsuit with McGibney being awarded damages in excess of $250,000 for defamation and harassment. A judgment that Mr Moore now thinks is no longer in effect.

I hate to upset Mr Moore but he might want to verify his information. Maybe he could ask his new friend, Disbarred Lawyer aka @A1_Buckwheat.

Yes, Disbarred Lawyer is one of Hunter Moore’s new followers. And Hunter follows her back!

I think this must be an example of extreme irony. The disbarred lawyer, who is now playing at being a public relations manager for real housewives,  who has accused me of being a revenge pornographer on social media numerous times and filed a police complaint against me, who has a bitchy comment in her bio about McGibney being a “shit stain revenge porn scammer”, is following the real and actual revenge pornographer, Hunter Moore, on Twitter.

I do hope Mr Moore is careful not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Disbarred Lawyer.

Disbarred Lawyer certainly does seem to make accusations of revenge porn a lot.