Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

What a nice day! The infamous Brandon King had two of his Twitter accounts, @twe9000 and @dirtreynolds_ suspended today.

This is the same Brandon King who made a few headlines around the country when it was discovered that he was involved in the Glanville, Rimes feud and was paid by the Spina Law Firm, and several celebrities, to “identify trolls” on Twitter.

“Identify Trolls” is the legally correct way to admit to using the resources of a law firm to illegally access, distribute and publicly post the personally identifying information of people you don’t like in order to harass and intimidate them.

Brandon has a very well established reputation and pattern of harassing people online and then when he gets confronted or loses an argument, resorting to claims that people are stalking his minor child (who isn’t online).

King filed harassment charges earlier this year against James McGibney and myself. Yes, against sweet little old me! He filed the charges on his birthday so he was probably upset that I didn’t get him a present.

Anyway, the suspension of twe9000 and dirtyreynolds_, are Brandon’s 44th and 45th suspension.

Disbarred Lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Brandon’s previously suspended accounts

  1. @areyallmadd Suspended
  2. @yallmadd Suspended
  3. @doushari Deleted
  4. @yallmad SUSPENDED
  5. @burkettsue2 SUSPENDED
  6. @RatBarbella SUSPENDED
  7. @botx_x => SUSPENDED
  8. @_____D3rp => SUSPENDED
  9. @suspensionbot => SUSPENDED
  10. @DickBurchnall => SUSPENDED
  11. @irontrollblog2 => SUSPENDED
  12. @x13_o => SUSPENDED
  13. @queenzofmedla => SUSPENDED
  14. @markabelarcyco SUSPENDED
  15. @Norma_Abelar => SUSPENDED
  16. @B0t73 => SUSPENDED
  17. @karmab0t => SUSPENDED
  18. @z3r0fux => SUSPENDED
  19. @s7r0ll SUSPENDED
  20. @b00oop SUSPENDED
  21. @B__X13 SUSPENDED
  22. @tRoll3rbladez SUSPENDED
  23. @b0_op SUSPENDED
  24. @tr0llerbladez SUSPENDED
  25. @b_0_o_p SUSPENDED
  26. @tr0lolz SUSPENDED
  27. @tehbanhammer SUSPENDED
  28. @notmarkabelar SUSPENDED
  29. @donedeal557 SUSPENDED
  30. @bigdaddyabelar SUSPENDED
  31. @garyabelar SUSPENDED
  32. @h0madesoap SUSPENDED
  33. @trolld0x SUSPENDED
  34. @5webz SUSPENDED
  35. @theseaoflulz SUSPENDED
  36. @piratelabcorp SUSPENDED
  37. @__x13 SUSPENDED
  38. @horsemenofdeath SUSPENDED
  39. @1sh0t_1kill SUSPENDED
  40. @theumpirelestat SUSPENDED
  41. @h34rd SUSPENDED
  42. @tr0lldox SUSPENDED
  43. @_x_13 SUSPENDED