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Twitter Suspends Alleged Brandi Glanville Troll

The main account of a well known Twitter troll who was allegedly hired to harass Brandi Glanville was suspended today. Brandon King made headlines earlier this year after Bullyville released a court transcript where King confessed to being employed by the Spina Law Firm of New Jersey to perform assorted cyber security tasks, including “identifying troll accounts”. King is well

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Real Housewives Publicist Court Case Against Blogger Continues #RHONJ

There was another court hearing today regarding the harassment charge filed against me by Disbarred Lawyer. Vinnie Leonelli-Spina filed her charges the morning after I posted an article showing that the Amazon account belonging to the infamous Faux Reality Entertainment blog now belongs to A Diamond PR. Amazon accounts are created with financial information so they aren’t transferable but you can

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The Return Of Catfish Gary

Some people refuse to change no matter what the consequences have been for their bad choices in the past. Gary LaFollette is one of those people. At 47 years old, he’s a 4 times divorced, Aryan hipster, trying to be 25 again on Twitter. Catfish Gary’s new account is @Xmode_Lives. He’s using the same avatar and acting out just as he was

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Angry White Girls

Whatever unity the Alt Right has achieved in rallying around Nationalism, it’s destined to be short lived. While everyone associated with the Alt Right gets painted with the same White Supremacist brush, in reality there are a lot of diverse groups and factions, each with their own hatreds, objectives, and conspiracies. Sometimes they mesh together but often they clash and

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A Devil Of A Mime; JoJo Camp Denied Parole

JoJo Camp, world famous mime wrangler and strangler, was denied parole last week in Colorado. You may recall that JoJo was sentenced earlier this year for numerous charges, including stalking and assaulting a Mime. JoJo, eternal entrepreneur that he is, was a Mime Manager, bound and determined to take the Mime world by storm with his young protégé, Mikki The

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