William Bradfords Big Mouth; Trump Appointee Resigns; August 31, 2017

Another Trump appointee was asked to hit the road after it became known he’d made numerous inappropriate comments publicly via his Disqus account.

Director of the Office of Indian Energy, William C. Bradford, resigned Thursday claiming he didn’t make the comments, that his account was hacked and somebody else did it.

Back in June, I posted a lot of his comments on Twitter because I was ticked off he was appointed to a government position when it’s publicly available knowledge that he’s guilty of Stolen Valor and has publicly admitted to being dependent on opioids. I didn’t think he was worthy of a government position but I guess I have higher standards than Trump. What the hell was I thinking?

Besides his big mouth, Bradford has a reputation for lying and being terminated from jobs. He’s very creative in giving reasons for his termination from previous jobs and his Stolen Valor is posted on Iron Troll here.

Bradford is lying about being hacked. Disqus posts and stores comments for a lot of blogs. I saw a lot of his alt right comments in June. He never mentioned being hacked back then, in fact there are several posts where he accuses someone of plagiarizing an article he (Bradford) wrote. I doubt a hacker would have written those comments.

I saved some of his Disqus comments in case he deleted. I do hope this is the last we hear from him.

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