A Devil Of A Mime; JoJo Camp Denied Parole

JoJo Camp, world famous mime wrangler and strangler, was denied parole last week in Colorado.

You may recall that JoJo was sentenced earlier this year for numerous charges, including stalking and assaulting a Mime.

JoJo, eternal entrepreneur that he is, was a Mime Manager, bound and determined to take the Mime world by storm with his young protégé, Mikki The Mime. He claimed Mikki would be the next Charlie Chaplin. Seriously.

Then he tried to strangle her.

Now there was a time when Mimes were everywhere but then public opinion turned against them. It was open season on Mimes to the point where they became an endangered species. Fortunately Colorado is an enlightened state so it’s illegal to strangle mimes no matter how annoying they may be because Mime Lives Matter.

JoJo’s trial took awhile because of all the charges and because he kept filing silly motions, claiming he was on a hit list, demanding witness protection,  his laptop was seized illegally, etc. It took 9 months before he was finally sentenced. He was given credit for time served so his parole hearing came up last week.

JoJo has a history of throwing tantrums and acting out online and in real life. He’s the same way in prison so it’s no surprise he was denied parole. One of JoJo’s “many attorneys” is Sue Basko so he’s lucky they didn’t tack another year onto his sentence.

JoJo is scheduled for release in 2019, but has another parole hearing next September, so for the next year our little JoJo will be taking life one day at a mime.