The Return Of Catfish Gary

Some people refuse to change no matter what the consequences have been for their bad choices in the past. Gary LaFollette is one of those people. At 47 years old, he’s a 4 times divorced, Aryan hipster, trying to be 25 again on Twitter.

Catfish Gary’s new account is @Xmode_Lives. He’s using the same avatar and acting out just as he was doing before being arrested last year for domestic assault. We assume his absence from Twitter for the last year was due to his doing some jail time for that assault.

It looks like Zena Pat Sainte is back again too as @_d4rk4ng3l, though this isn’t verified. The Zena account is locked, so who knows? It may be the real Zena or just another Gary sock, but here they are in a DM conversation together.

I don’t think anyone told Gary that Zena is actually a retired cop named Tom Poulos.

I wish Gary and Tom all the best in their new relationsip, though their accounts will be suspended soon.

They always are.