Real Housewives Publicist Court Case Against Blogger Continues #RHONJ

There was another court hearing today regarding the harassment charge filed against me by Disbarred Lawyer.

Vinnie Leonelli-Spina filed her charges the morning after I posted an article showing that the Amazon account belonging to the infamous Faux Reality Entertainment blog now belongs to A Diamond PR. Amazon accounts are created with financial information so they aren’t transferable but you can change the name of your account. That’s what Vinnie did. A Diamond PR is a public relations business started recently by Vinnie, with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania as clients.

In her original complaint, Vinnie accused me of cyber harassment for posting a picture on Gab that had her head photoshopped onto a Victorian photograph. Vinnie claimed I emailed the picture to a hundred of her friends, clients, and coworkers which wasn’t true but the lie gave her complaint probable cause and the case proceeded.

Recently the case was kicked to Municipal court and the charge reduced to “harassment-communication in a manner to cause alarm”. New Jersey doesn’t have misdemeanors so my horrendous crime falls under the category of Petty Disorderly Person.

Now that the case is in Muni court, essentially everything has started all over again. My lawyer entered a plea of Not Guilty today and hopefully he received Discovery from Vinnie, which he’s been requesting since July 17th.

With the next season of RHONJ starting October 4th and a new PR business start up, you’d think Vinnie would want to keep all her goofy behavior under the radar. Filing harassment charges against a blogger is not the way to do that.

The next court date is scheduled for November 2nd.