Daily Stormer Unite The Right Rally Announcement,; August 8, 2017

I took a screen capture of the Daily Stormer announcement for the Unite The Right rally before the site was taken down. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Bobby Ray aka Azzmador, was working at the Daily Stormer!

After his own website and radio show fizzled out, I thought Bobby Ray had crawled back under his rock. Azzmador had tried to raise money to keep his show going, but got absolutely zero donations. It’s hard to believe, but there just wasn’t a big demand for White Supremacist radio talk shows discussing vampires, demons and reptilian aliens these days. But apparently there is a shortage of White Supremacists who can write, so Azzmador got a job at the Stormer.

From what I understand, Andrew Anglin and Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer don’t live in the USA, so they needed a front man for the Daily Stormer. They picked Azzmador. Yeah, there must really be a shortage of White Supremacists when Bobby Ray is the best you can do.

It just so happens that we here at Irontroll have the largest collection of Azzmador mugshots available on the internet. We used the mugshots to create a collage for one of our posts called Bobby Ray’s Hair. The collage shows Bobby Ray’s hair styles over the last 25 years.

Now with the Charlottesville rally we have a new picture of Bobby Ray. He’s looking a bit elderly.

Bobby wrote the article below for the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally which will give you an idea of the mind set of those who attended the rally.

Note that the post was updated with the news their permit had been revoked but they urged everyone to attend anyway. They later won their appeal and the permit was reinstated.

“I want everybody to repeat after me… this is the first precept of the true Alt Right. Remember it. Gas The Kikes”       -Bobby Ray at the Charlottesville rally

Azzmador was a speaker at the rally. His speech was predictably vintage azzmador, ranting against the Jews.

“Those of you who attend will remember this glorious event forever, when we began to turn back the tide of brown sludge”      -Bobby Ray at the Charlottesville rally