Twitter Suspends Alleged Brandi Glanville Troll

The main account of a well known Twitter troll who was allegedly hired to harass Brandi Glanville was suspended today.

Brandon King made headlines earlier this year after Bullyville released a court transcript where King confessed to being employed by the Spina Law Firm of New Jersey to perform assorted cyber security tasks, including “identifying troll accounts”.

King is well known on Twitter for his participation in the harassment and trolling of Reality celebrities and their fans. He posted doxes (personal information) of nearly two dozen people publicly online and participated in harassing actress Kristen Johnston, as she chronicled on her blog, because she made a comment about LeAnn Rimes.

Basically anyone who criticized LeAnn Rimes or the wrong Real Housewive could expect to be trolled and harassed. Probably the most infamous accounts that did the trolling were @horsemenofdeath, @1sh0t_1kill, and @theumpirelestat. All of them now suspended.

The Spina law firm is known to be involved with the blog, fauxrealityentertainment and more recently, A Diamond PR, which claims Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania as clients.

Most recently King was harassing people on Twitter via the accounts @twe9000 and @dirtreynolds_ until those accounts were suspended several weeks ago. This forced King to start using his main account, @Error__4_0_4, until that too was suspended today for abusive behavior.

Somewhere in Texas, Brandon is screaming.