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Catfish Ala Mode

Update: It’s 7 accounts of Gary’s that were suspended. In less than a week Catfish Gary had 6 of his Twitter accounts suspended with another suspension about to occur. I can understand a tween or young teen creating social media accounts solely for the purpose of trolling because that’s entertainment for them, but I have no idea what motivates a

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Tango Down Roger Stone; His Final Words, October 28th, 2017

Roger Stone was suspended permanently today after going on a Twitter rant last night after it was announced Robert Mueller had filed charges in the Russia investigation. Stone went after CNN news personalities, making derogatory and homophobic remarks, and was foolish enough to tag them in his tweets. Stone has had his account since 2009, and often abused his verified

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Stackizshort’s Lawsuit Dismissed

The lawsuit filed by Leigh Mabes, aka Stackizshort, former Ferguson activist and ex-girlfriend of Sanguinarios Rose, was dismissed in St Louis last week. Long before the protests in Feguson, Mabes sued Quest Diagnostic Center claiming she passed out and fell off a chair while at the center. Mabes claimed permanent injury to an ankle. On October 16th, her lawsuit was

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Every Time A Nazi Cries; Richard Spencers Florida Vacation

Was anyone actually surprised Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida today was a total train wreck? As a major figurehead of the Alt Right, White Supremacist, White Nationalist or whatever you choose to call it movement, Richard Spencer is a controversial and polarizing personality even amongst his peers. For him to give a speech at a university full

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