Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

Reading about the Fox’s fake Navy Seal reminded me of their Swedish National Security Expert who also turned out to be a fake.

I did some research on Nils Bildt aka Nils Tolling back in February but didn’t post it publicly. Now with another Fox Fake in the news I thought I’d put it on IronTroll in case Nils shows up somewhere claiming to be an expert on something.

Nils seems to be a shady character and something of a grifter. He’s had several careers based on padding his resume rather than actually being qualified. He was calling himself Dr Bildt for awhile but there’s no record of him earning a PhD.

In 2014, Nils served one month out of a year long sentence for assaulting an officer. In 2016 he pissed off the Japanese government and the family of a kidnapped journalist by trying to negotiate with the kidnappers.

But in 2010, Nils owned a gun store and shooting range in Connecticut and managed to end up on the wrong side of a major law enforcement sting operation to break up gun trafficking.

Seven Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies worked together for months and their op resulted in the arrest of 17 people and the confiscation of over 100 guns that were purchased from Forest and Field, the gun store owned by Nils.

Members of the gang, Latin Kings were using people with no criminal records to buy guns on their behalf since most of the Latin Kings can’t pass a background check. Straw purchasing is a federal crime.

It’s not known if Bildt was arrested, and he probably wasn’t, but law enforcement closed his store and confiscated all the guns including guns being sold on commission. Anyone who’d left a gun on consignment with Forest & Field had to contact police to get it back.

The gun store never reopened and Nils defaulted on his payments. The former owner sued Nils. Nils didn’t bother to show up so he lost. So while Nils Bildt Tolling was sitting in that chair on Fox, he owed $1,417,833.28.

From Nils’ gun shop website. The spelling errors are his

About Forest & Field

Forest and Field has over 70 year of history behind it, originally starting as a shop in New York City and then for the past 30 years having been located in Connecticut. Nils, the owner, has an avid passion for arms and the arts and is dedicated to not just selling a product but rather to delivering to the customer a superbly crafted tool that is also a work of art.
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The new Forest and Field is proud to be able to offer its customers a unique and trully unparalleled access to antique Japanese weapons, armor as well as custom decorated arms and armor.
Nils, during his years living in Japan, has developed a deep understanding for Japanese weaponry and armor, especially as pertains to swords and personal armor, but also decorated firearms. Over the years he has developed a very extensive personal network granting him access to some of the finest products for sale or offered for consideration; most often better than found anywhere else in the United States or at any auction. Forest and Field thus now has absolutely good access to and is uniquely placed to offer its customers very special items. These include not just Katana’s and other swords or sharp edged pieces of art, but also very beautiful armor and related items.
In addition we are proud to have on offer some very exclusive and in Urushi (lacquer) brilliantly decorated firearms (both long rifles and handguns). These decorations can naturally be custom desgined and ordered. All decorations are done in Wajima and Tokyo Japan by some of the most renowned craftsmen in the world. Our list of previous clients and recipients inlcude the Empror of Japan, The Prime Minister of Japan, The King of Sweden, the The Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, Baron Atkinson, as well as a list of other noteworthy and discerning individuals.

Business registration of Forest and Field. Muce Holdings is his wife, Mini Konishi.

Court Docket for lawsuit against Nils Tolling regarding the gun shop/shooting range property

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