Fundraiser for Fallen Soldier Goes Viral

Update: The final total for the GoFundMe was $731,000!

A fundraiser for the children of Sergeant Ladavid Johnson went viral as he was laid to rest today. Meanwhile, the controversy grows over the circumstances of his death and Trump’s phone call to his widow.

While Donald Trump and his lackey, four star liar John Kelley, have been lying to America, a fundraiser being held to provide a college education for Sergeant Johnson’s fatherless children has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sergeant Johnson left behind two young children, a girl aged 6 and a 2 year old boy. His wife, Myeshia, is 6 months pregnant with another girl. In just 4 days, as of noon on Saturday, over 13,000 generous individuals have donated $637,000 for their college education.

The fundraiser page is sponsored by The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, an organization founded in 1993 by Frederica Wilson to provide guidance to minority male children. 5000 Role Models trains adult men to act as mentors and role models to encourage at risk boys to graduate from high school, and then go on to attend college or join the military.
Sergeant Johnson was one of the young at risk boys who benefited from 5000 Role Models.

In addition today, a bike parade was held in Miami as a tribute.

Sergeant Johnson was known as Wheelie King 305 for riding a one wheeled bicycle in his neighborhood. A video of that is below.

Unfortunately, the controversy between Frederica Wilson, Trump and Kelly along with the odd details surrounding Sergeant Johnson’s death and abandonment after the ambush in Niger, will keep Sergeant Johnson and his family in the spotlight for awhile, but it’s good to know that the future of his children has been provided for.

If you’d like to donate you’ll find the GoFundMe page here.