Stackizshort’s Lawsuit Dismissed

The lawsuit filed by Leigh Mabes, aka Stackizshort, former Ferguson activist and ex-girlfriend of Sanguinarios Rose, was dismissed in St Louis last week.

Long before the protests in Feguson, Mabes sued Quest Diagnostic Center claiming she passed out and fell off a chair while at the center. Mabes claimed permanent injury to an ankle.

On October 16th, her lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, meaning she can’t file again in the future.

Mabes probably settled out of court with them. Maybe Quest Diagnostic found that Youtube video of Stackz livestreaming from Ferguson where she walked for 2 1/2 hours straight on that permanently damaged ankle?

In any case I hope she got enough cash that she won’t be begging through backchannels online anymore.

Hmmm, looks like Sang is back in St Louis… Must have been a nice settlement!