The JoJo Camp Tapes Featuring Sue Basko

Two of the internet’s most infamous characters, JoJo Camp and Sue Basko, are in the spotlight once again as Bullyville posts phone calls between Camp and Basko that took place while JoJo was awaiting trial in Colorado last year.

The phone calls were automatically recorded by the prison where JoJo is currently serving a 3 year sentence for numerous charges surrounding his assault on his mime girlfriend.

JoJo filed a lot of motions during his trial, a lot of them involved really weird conspiracies: that he was being framed by the cops, that Bullyville and the FBI were trying to frame him, that he was in danger because of all the secret information he knows and he needed to be put into the witness protection program.

It was probably those crazy conspiracy theories that prompted James McGibney, aka Bullyville, to file FOIA requests for JoJo’s jail house phone calls.

This isn’t JoJo’s first time behind bars. He spent almost four years in prison after hacking into a college computer network. Even though he made a plea deal, JoJo claimed he was innocent and tried to make himself an internet celebrity by promoting himself as An American Hostage. He was hoping for a book or movie deal which is how I think Sue Basko got involved.

Sue Basko is most well known for her interference with the OccupyLA movement and the comments she made publicly about autism. Sue claims to be an entertainment lawyer. While you might think this means her clients are in various entertainment fields, I think it really means her attempts at practicing law are for our amusement.

Sue glommed onto JoJo in case Hollywood came knocking. She’s given him legal advice over the years to the point of sending him a bill for services rendered, even though she doesn’t have a license to practice law on the internet.

It was no surprise that JoJo made phone calls to Sue Basko while he was awaiting his court hearing, but it was surprising to see just how many times he called her. Having listened to a few of the recordings, it seems the relationship between JoJo and Sue has evolved into an odd, Mother and Son, passive aggressive kind of codependency, where they reinforce each other’s conspiracy theories.

JoJo’s troubled thought processes are pretty evident in the recordings, as he plots to destroy his girlfriend while at the same time lamenting over his lost chance to have a family. It also seems like Basko may have crossed the ethics line as an attorney.

Bullyville will be posting a phone call or two daily. Go and listen if you want a closer look at a couple of people who were on the lunatic fringe of Anonymous and the Occupy Movement.

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