Catfish Ala Mode

Update: It’s 7 accounts of Gary’s that were suspended.

In less than a week Catfish Gary had 6 of his Twitter accounts suspended with another suspension about to occur.

I can understand a tween or young teen creating social media accounts solely for the purpose of trolling because that’s entertainment for them, but I have no idea what motivates a 50 year old man to create a Twitter account and troll people until he gets suspended and then do it all over again. Over and over and over. So far Gary has had over 200 accounts suspended.

My many Adoring Fans and Admirers may remember Catfish Gary posted revenge porn pictures of Tara D on Twitter last year. He did that for months then passed the pictures on to Azzmador, who posted one of them on his blog. If you’re not familiar with Azzmador, aka Robert Ray, He’s now the front man for the online Nazi News site, Daily Stormer, the big bearded guy who appears at rallies on behalf of the Stormer.

Gary’s politics seem to change with whomever he’s trying to catfish but now he’s alt right.  I don’t think he’s actually informed on any issues, he just likes tweeting about cucks and snowflakes to impress his alt right friends on Twitter.

Gary being into White Supremacy , White Nationalism, and the Alt Right isn’t a big surprise though, it’s his comfort zone. See, there’s one place where White Supremacy has been popular for decades and that’s in the prison systems. White Supremacy has flourished among the White prison population for generations because the incarcerated don’t have much else to do and little else to take pride in other than the color of their skin.

Gary was arrested last summer for domestic assault and was formally charged by a Grand Jury in November of 2016. He spent some time in prison for that, his second time as a guest of the state.

I’m sure Catfish Gary will be back.
And I’m sure he’ll be suspended again.

Some of Gary’s recently suspended accounts.