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The Three Little Pigs

Here we have Buckwheat, Brandon and Saint Jen discussing the stories that were¬†published on The Dirty and Perez Hilton celebrity news sites alleging Brandon King was paid to troll and harass Brandi Glanville and Real Housewive’s fans. The news broke March 24th but this conversation took place on August 9th. I think in light of the current circumstances, of which

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Dear Siggy, This Is What Toxic Looks Like

Siggy Flicker’s latest buzz words are “Toxic People” but before she blocks everybody on Twitter she might want to take a closer look at Team Siggy. A1_Buckwheat and her buddy, Brandon King, have been harassing celebrities and regular people on Twitter for years. Buckwheat even has a large section of her blog, FauxRealityEntertainment, dedicated to “trolls” and by trolls she

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Inside The Web Of A Stalker, New Book Due Out Next Week

Oh my goodness, Tommy Retzlaff is gonna be immortalized! Career criminal, conman, and stalker, Tom Retzlaff, is the subject of an unauthorized biography due out next week. To add insult to butthurt, this true crime, nonfiction book has been penned by Retzlaff’s archenemy, private investigator Phil Klein. The last I heard, Inside The Web Of A Stalker was scheduled for

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